Áskunnr & Brœðr

[Útgørð síðan 748]


Ósnjallr maðr hyggsk munu ey lifa ef hann við víg varask en elli gefr honum engi frið þótt honum geirar gefi.

The Pack


We are a pack of men living by ancestral pre-christianization Norse traditions away from cities. We share our culture, our skills, and our wisdom to help you explore the wild, to ensure your survival in harsh or hostile environments, to make you a better, fulfilled, as well as balanced man, and ultimately to awaken your inner wolf.


Following the retreat of the great inland ice sheets in 10,000 BCE, a few of us brave men, drawn to the North, traveled to the coastal areas of western Scandinavia known as Norðvegr (Norway). We survived in tribes, by fishing and and by hunting reindeer. We had a decently good life and we liked it there. 

We pretty much minded our own business until King Haraldr hárfagri, who had gone full feudal, started causing us aggravation in the late 800's CE. So we got our shit, jumped in skeiðar (long ships), and got the fuck out to explore the world in search of new horizons. We ended up settling some remote volcanic island we called Ísland (which you might know today as regressive liberal Iceland), and laying claim to Færeyjar (known today as Føroyar or Faroe Islands, a bad ass version of Iceland). Then we pushed towards Grænland (Greenland). We eventually also settled Helluland and Markland, now some unbearably politically correct place known as Canada, as well as Vinland, aka Murica!

Everywhere we went, we thrived. We had it in our blood to be wild and primal, and to kick ass as required. We were (and still are) Víkingar. We managed to build countries and societies in some of the harshest environments on earth, where those of us who didn't return to Nóregr (Norway), to turn the land into the most prosperous country in the world, remain to this day.

 The Wilderness


Our fully developed traditional core evolutionary traits and characteristics as Norsemen allow us to thrive in our primary habitat: The Northern Wilderness. We share those fundamental skills with selected men to help them explore their wild side and answer their call of the north.

The Wild life

The Wild Lands



We equip you with the the skills and the gear you need to face any situation, as well as survive, even thrive, in the most hostile and dangerous environments on earth. We prepare and ready you for the future, whatever it may hold.



Special operations and actual combat experience of operators from Norðrlönd (Scandinavia), Vinland (United States), and Markland (Canada). Several thousand years of genetic combat memory. Coming together to forge the ultimate warrior out of the best men.